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ID-100165304Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, a glorious day in the church. We celebrated Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. I learned that the donkey was symbolic of a king coming in peaceful power. A King who goes to war would have ridden in on a warhorse. A King who comes in peace rides a donkey. Jesus came in peace.

In Luke 19:38, people were shouting, “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!” They recognized him as their King, that is, until he didn’t meet their expectations.

In the mind of the Jews, a king would overthrow the ruling Romans and take authority, but Jesus told them to pay their taxes and that the temple would be destroyed. This is not what the people wanted to hear. They did not want to be under Roman rule.

Jesus didn’t say what they wanted to hear or do. He wasn’t meeting their expectations and they turned on him. They were angry and decided he didn’t do what a king should do.

So the question for us is, do we do the same? When Jesus doesn’t meet our expectations, do we become disillusioned, angry, and decide not to follow him? When tragedy hits, do we feel he has abandoned us? Do we easily give up and not trust his plan for us?

Like the Jews, when Jesus doesn’t meet OUR expectations, we don’t see him as King of all. We don’t trust that He is who he says he is. We can give up on the relationship and start doing things in our power.

Today, determine to trust God in your life. Remember he has the big picture and is in control.

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