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Doing Life Together

What if Eminem’s Daughter Dated A Guy Raised on His Music

This was inspired by a satire on THE ONION about Eminem.

What would happen if Rapper Eminem’s 17-year-old daughter brought her boyfriend home to meet dad? Would dad, Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem, have a wake-up call?

Let’s say the boyfriend was raised on heavy doses of Eminem’s music along with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Ludacris, all famous for their lyrics about violence and devaluing of women. Their lyrics, if printed, would make you nauseous. And let’s say the boyfriend’s favorite Eminem song is “Superman,” a song about putting anthrax on a woman’s hygiene product and then slapping her until she can’t stand. He also likes the song, “Kill You,” a brutal story of killing a woman and hiding her in a closet.


What would Eminem think about his daughter dating a man raised on his music? Would he have serious doubts about his character and wonder how the music influenced his world view? Of course, Eminem wrote the lyrics, but when someone dates your daughter who loves this music, well…Yes, lyrics about having sex with prostitutes and then painting the room red with blood are quite disturbing. Do you think this impacts the boyfriend’s views about women?

What happens when any boy grows up listening to lyrics about beating women and treating them like dirt?

They go out in the world and date somebody’s daughter.

The problem is artists like Eminem have  sold over 80 million copies of his albums world wide, making him one of the bestselling artists in the world. HIs disrespect for women have taken root in the hearts of many. Now, those boys to men will date women with violent and objectifying lyrics in their heads.

Too many daughters  will be victims of violence and misogyny. Unfortunately, the damage is done even if a violent hip hopper were to have second thoughts.

Entertaining lyrics shape the thoughts of many and have real consequences.

  • Maki

    I never said that words don’t have power. I’ve said that actions mean more than words! It is as simple as that. And all the actions around us today is much more serious then Eminem’s lyrics. You’ve turned around completely what I have written. Everything you’ve written about words, don’t you think actions do much more? I think kids today have much more problems with actions of others that affect them. Not a lot of kids who grow up problematic say “it is because I have listened to this artist”. Only media speculates things like that. Problematic people usually say that have been abused at home, in school, etc. And that is exactly what people like Eminem are helping them with, as he went through all of that and came out of it. He was bullied and beaten and in coma, physically and mentally abused. I just think it helps kids when they hear someone so successful say that at some point in their life they were at the bottom but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. It is the reason he connected with kids so much. Because to an angry teenager there is nothing worse than preaching how life is like that and positive things. Teenagers have to go thought what they go thought and it is not rational. There is a reason why they are teenagers.
    I am open minded to other listeners and their opinion and I think if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it, very simple. I am not going to say that you have to like Eminem, it is your choice. But I will say that you are not open minded on this issue as in today’s world there is more violence in watching the news then in any of Eminem’s songs. How about movies and their messages which are so much more visual then music. Eminem never made a video for the songs you are mentioning and they have not been singles.
    I just don’t understand the fascination of Eminem so much in a negative way when all rap artists have been doing and saying the same thing from the begging. If anybody does anything that Eminem says in his songs, they could not be “normal” to begin with. They would have to have a lot of issues before that.
    And Eminem explains all of that for years in his interviews (which Eminem fans, I promise you, are watching). And his interviews are different from his music, he’s been trying to explain it for 15 years and if you don’t understand it by now you never will. His alias is Slim Shady, slim as in he’s always been skinny and shady as in everybody has their shady side. And that is the truth. Everybody does. But he doesn’t hide his and that is GOOD.
    Also, as you’re talking about people who were raised on Eminem’s music, this means kids. You should know that kids having idols (musicians, actors, etc.) know everything about them and attempt to follow their personal lives all the time. Especially today, with internet, it is so much easier. So you cannot say that their actions outside their carrier don’t matter. Look at Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears. Are they good role models? I am not judging them in any way, but their personal lives overshadow their artistic work (and yes, as artists they have been very positive and “good” for kids). All kids are looking at their behavior all the time and know that their songs don’t mean anything, don’t show them real people. While their parents were happy they were listening to them and singing songs with them, approving them. And then few years go on and parents don’t approve anymore, don’t know how to explain to their kids now that from today they are not good idols and role models. Parents have been singing Britney Spears with their kids and taking them to her concerts and then having them explain to the kids that it is not normal what she was doing. Eminem has become so famous because he was the first one who really let people into his mind, the good and the bad (as everyone has), not choosing, not posing, not pretending. It’s me – take it or leave it. And that is somewhat deserving respect!
    We are living in the age where people become famous for having sex tapes or being stupid and drunk on reality tv, without ANY talent or work. So at least have some respect for people who really do their work and have a talent to do it. Maybe not in a way you would like it, but Eminem is so not the one to pick out of the bunch out there for the topic like this. He’s had his downs and ups, but he’s never been in serious trouble, he’s never done anything to someone, he fought his demons so many times (abuse, poverty, race, drugs, loss of closest people) and sufficed up every time. Which is admirable and a good example. After all that, he’s in a good place today and that is a very good message for the kids. That you CAN win all struggles coming your way.

    And I apologize for my English because I’m from Europe.

    All the best and let’s put our focus on bigger problems of world’s society.

  • Linda Mintle

    Hey this is a Christian blog so I bring in Jesus. And attacking me personally–not cool. You can disagree, but really, resorting to this….do I detect a little anger?

  • Kieran Heatley

    The Bible also tells us that Jesus was born of a virgin, walked on water, turned it into wine, rose from the dead after 3 days, and flew into outer space with no spacecraft, all in order to save us because a rib ate from a magic tree after the talking snake told her to. One thing I do agree with is that words certainly have a powerful impact on people. That includes his positive words. His so-called “degrading” lyrics may have an impact on people, but if you believe it forces them to do something as drastic as beating up a woman, then that is just plain ridiculous. If someone goes ahead and abuses a woman, that is the result of their own choice and they are the one in the wrong. I can safely speak on behalf of all people that listen to Eminem..yes .. ALL people, when I say that NOBODY has ever heard a violent Eminem lyric and thought to themselves, “Hey, I’m gonna go kill someone now because he did in the song.”

    The reason I say that I can speak on behalf of all Eminem listeners, is because if that situation just stated had ever occurred, it would definitely be a news headliner. As a family therapist, don’t you think you should spend your time more wisely, maybe perhaps consulting with patients instead of posting an unnecessary and not to mention highly inaccurate Internet post, attempting to tear down a celebrity’s hard work of what they’ve put into as a career for their whole life? I’m not wasting my time, I’m 18-years old typing this on a break at school, but you could be doing more productive things. I will always defend my idol, don’t start a war you can’t win, Mrs. Mintle.

  • Linda Mintle

    Maybe being open minded to the fact that not all listeners take this music as a healthy way to cope needs your consideration. I am glad you don’t feel the lyrics impacted you negatively. But as a therapist, I know words are powerful. The he Bible tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death. Words can crush the spirit of child growing up. Words can ruing a relationships. Words do have tremendous power and influence behavior. So to assume these lyrics NEVER influence anyone negatively is naive. And the fact that other people put out positive songs and don’t live positive is not the issue. Those positive lyrics are not putting devalued and objectified views of women and violence in their heads. I can appreciate your view, but I disagree. Words have power.

  • Maki

    This is a bit confusing to me. As a therapist, you put more weight on words then actions?! As Kieran Heatley posted, he’s known as being the most devoted father, everybody says that. You have so many other artists singing about love and happiness while in real life beating their wives, kids, abusing people. I don’t understand the fascination with lyrics so much more than actions. I’m a 32 yo woman, raised on Eminem’s music and was always able to see sarcasm in his lyrics even as a young girl. My parents knew I was listening to Eminem and it didn’t bother them as they did their job and raised me to understand things, to respect myself and others. It’s their responsibility, not Eminem’s. Also I could appreciate the things he was saying and the raw truth. Everybody, at some point in life, had those thoughts running though their mind when being hurt or mad. It comes and goes, its the way to cope with things. But the real issue is how you deal with your problems and what actions you take. Eminem’s therapy, as he says it himself, is his music and he leaves it at that. He doesn’t act on it. And his fans know that and also don’t act on it. For 15 years of him being famous you didn’t hear of any of Eminem’s fans doing anything like that. And you just took years of his music (drastically different song to song) and put accent on only those songs?! What about other ones? He has very emotional songs about all kinds of love, life choices, bullying, drugs abuse,… I will just don’t understand people who’s focus is only on negative things and ignoring all the positive. Or you just heard that he had those type of songs and never bothered to listen to anything else. I completely agree with Eminem when he says that only stupid people don’t understand when he’s joking or being sarcastic. And also that kids understand that difference much better than adults.
    I wish for you to be a bit more open minded and do not write about things you obviously don’t understand. Or at least, consult with kids listening to that music so you can see that they are just kids as any other and not some little monsters running around punching and killing people.

    Thing positive!

  • Linda Mintle

    Not sure if everyone can listen to that music and have your response. I have listened to his music. As a woman, I just find it offense. As a therapist, I find it disturbing. I am not a hater, just concerned with how these types of lyrics affect all people. I actually like the guy when I have seen him on interviews. I just don’t get the whole symbolic thing and the need to spew such violence and hate. Just a difference of opinion. Glad you commented!

  • Marj44

    I must agree with the comment by Kieran Heatley. Music is an art just like sculpting and, just like a sculptor who makes a naked woman, it is for entertainment and beauty. Lyrics from ALL artists cannot be taken literally since it is for humour and entertainment. In country, rap, hiphop, rock, alternative and much more people have stated that they’d “kill someone” or that they “hate” someone, does that make everyone of those artists an advocate for murder?

    As for this specific case, I don’t believe he has a problem with a guy dating Hailie who was raised on his music. The problem would be if that man/boy decided to act on what he’s heard or seen from not only this artist but anywhere.

    As for Eminem being influential, yes I believe he is. However, no one I know including fans, haters and “stans” has ever acted out and gone crazy and put anthrax on a woman’s hygiene product or any other crazy lyric of his. If you did a survey or looked up all the other information about how “misogynistic and homophobic and violent or evil” people call say he is, fans recognized that it is music and entertainment. If the problem is someone worshiping him and doing what he says, then let me direct you to this lyric:
    “My music can be slightly amusing
    You shouldn’t take lyrics so serious, it might be confusing
    Just trying to separate the truth from entertainment
    It’s stupid, ain’t it? I get sick of trying to explain it” (I do not own these lyrics and they are only used strictly for a point proven)
    Wouldn’t these kids listen to this? OR to the uplifting lyrics of “Not Afraid”, or “Sing for the Moment” or “Stimulate” or any other great songs. Wouldn’t they listen to songs like “Stan” and know not to be obsessed with him?
    See I can also pick out lyrics and say he’s the best artist ever and he’s been amazing and never does anything wrong, however after listening to almost every song he’s put out to the public, I can tell you this man’s biggest influence on people is:
    1. You can overcome obstacles and do whatever you want
    2. The wordplay involved in hiphop can be jaw dropping

    Before bringing someone’s personal life into spotlight, may I ask you to listen to the songs and read comments or listen to what his fans say, those who listen to him love him for his wordplay, cause he’s funny, cause he’s inspirational and entertaining.

    I respect your opinion, as everyone has one, and I am simply stated mine, an opinion from an almost 19 year old fan who’s been listening to this artist and can rhyme off most of his lyrics.

    “Stimulate”, “Who Knew”, and “Role Model”. Please listen to these songs and read the lyrics. Get the big picture and then come back and tell me how he cares for his fans and reminds them constantly to be aware. Listen to his interviews, when he tells fans music is a way to escape.

    The real question is, why are we even talking about someone’s personal life?
    What happens in a family is a family’s problem and should be private.

    – Sincerely, a shocked fan of the best Hiphop artist alive.

    ** And yes, I do respect and love all women and men on Earth

  • Kieran Heatley

    If anyone wishes to read a piece explaining why she is incorrect, with knowledge of what Eminem is actually about, you can read it here:

    feel free to share the link or post it elsewhere.

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