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Doing Life Together

Why Lady GaGa Doesn’t Have to Take Off Her Clothes

I watched A GaGa Thanksgiving last week. I am always curious about the influences that shape people to be who they are and wanted to hear her story–at least a slice of it.

It was a surprisingly entertaining special. Her roots as a jazz singer were clearly displayed. What an amazing talent! It appears she grew up with a strong sense of family and had great things to say about her grandparents and mom. The only hint at wounding was when she sang and talked about being bullied and unaccepted in school. So from a shrink perspective, she either hid her wounding well, or this larger than life persona is an act she feels she needs to be noticed.

So here is my question: Why does she have to be so provocative? Honestly, it overwhelms her talent.

My teen daughter’s response to this question – that is how people become famous. They believe they have to push the edge, take off their clothes and get down and dirty. Once they create a stir by pushing the envelope, they keep doing it to continue to gain more attention.

If this is true, it is really sad. Lady Gaga had me when she sat at a piano and did an acoustic set–just her, the piano and the music. A star can do that. In fact, I remember when Mariah Carey emerged on a stage and just stood there and sang–her talent was obvious. But now….

Are we so debase as a society that we can’t see and recognize talent without requiring women to take off their clothes and sell sex?

Lady GaGa, love your talent, your artistry and find all the weirdness and exploitative sexuality a detraction from your God given talent. So I guess I’ll have to wait for another special to enjoy her mastery again.

At least, I saw a glimpse of a real woman, with compassion, a love for family and real talent. Why these artists feel they have to invent themselves to something other than they are baffles me. It is like they dissociate from the vixen they portray to this other person. Usually they say, it is all an act. I say, the act overshadows the talent. But then, I’m not the one buying their music!

What do you think?


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Whitney Wright

    Upon being an aspiring female songwriter/artist in the music industry years ago dealing with major record and publishing companies…there is a strong pressure from the major companies to push every ounce of sex out of their female artists. They want to control that image aspect in every way. The raunchier the better…and Madonna has proved that pushing the edge sells. When I was in Nashville and NYC myself back in the 80’s working on my own career…it was unbelievable how the sexist powers that be were trying to push that kind of control on me. In the end, God gave me a vision to form my own company one day to use my talents for Him (even though I knew it would be a long haul)…I basically told the music executives to take their contracts and shove it! I was utterly disgusted. But other female artists who allowed themselve to compromise…many became huge stars…but they sold their souls and bodies in the process. Just look at other female artists (like Britanny Spears) who in the beginning were quite innocent…but ambitious. Nearly every one of them compromise to get their careers out there. If you research Michael Jackson videos he was outspoken on how horribly corrupt the music business was and is. Many think that because he was outspoken…that is why his image was trashed and eventually it led to his death. Many (including his own father) believe there was some serious foul play that went on with his son’s life. Including the molestation charges being a ploy and framing to ruin his public image. Research Aphrodite Jone’s “True Crime” show and book about a possible conspiracy towards Jackson… The secular music industry is quite corrupt.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Zenas

    I think that certain celebrities have the need to create their own trade mark, so to speak. They already are unique and special in their own way, but with elaborate, glittery body and hair adornments, and etc., these give them the added eccentric, weird, artistic look that they themselves and public can identify them with.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Julie

    I so agree about Lady Gaga. She can truly sing, and she does not need all the weird getups and nudity. It seems that sex is all consuming in our world today, to the point that commitment is almost non-existant. It is all so instantanious. There is no getting to know one another. I know I am wandering, but it all ties together, for me. Just sing, Gaga!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Terri

    I agree totally and had the same experience. I think Lady Gaga has a wonderful talent that I did not know existed until seeing the Thanksgiving special. I hope now that she has made it to stardom that her true talent can shine through and she’ll know that she only needs to sing without all the props. She’ also a beautiful young lady without all the makeup.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jo-Ann

    I have to agree with you. I really enjoyed her special, it showed a softer side to her. Did you see how she teared up when she spoke about her father and grandparents, or whe one of her childhood nuns came on to the set.
    However, just like her idol Madonna did before her, it is a shock factor. I guess they feel that if they don’t have something to set them apart from all the others, than they will just blend in.I too am a fan of hers as well as Madonna, and I always said that the act is horrible, but their music is great. Both are strong, determined driven women who really do have a gift from God.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Neil J OConnell

    A talented Singer an awesome entertainer a joy to my eyes and ears I woish her a long and successful career I am GA Ga overGAGA

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment angela guerra


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Eric

    I am so much a Gaga Fan,not because of the sensuality and working on the edge,rather the beautiful soul I see in her. I am some what gifted and have had deep images fo the Lady Gaga,that is really there…..beautiful spirit,amoung the most beautiful I have experienced.Lady Gaga, I would love to speak with you on the phone,the vibration is so much easire to interpret. Anywat,you make my sirit soar,and at age 64 (mind of a 20’s) you bring me to tears of joy for her.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Pamela

    You are right on target with this one. I think the famous,know that they are just as human as we all are. We all have talent, some just like the flashlight on them a little bit longer.Others don’t want the spotlight on them. Those are the real famous people,the silent heroes.That’s when God sees them, and puts his flashlight one them. Without a movie contact or picture deals.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    She has a gimmick that nobody else has, her FASHION SENSE, it’s weird & unusual. She not like anyone else. SHE 1 of a KIND! That’s why!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Melinda Hazel

    definitely a result of the wounds of the past that cause us to act out more and more if we don’t deal with the pain and walk through it to get to the other side of healing and forgiveness, which can only be done by Jesus. Healing brings freedom, allows us to love ourselves and others!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Sarah

    I’m like you generally, Linda, I enjoy soaking up the variety of facets that have shaped the population to what they have become. This (Lady Gaga’s Christmas performance) would be the exception. With everything that Lady Gaga brings to the table, I am too upset with her to sit in front of the tube and objectively watch and study her behavior. I feel my anguish is justified– she is helping to negatively transform the minds of this generation with many unaware of this impact she is having. She is the very antitheses of what God calls the culture to be. Aside from her provocative dress which you mentioned, the lyrics of her song are calling for a terrible reformation of society- to redefine morals, to carry the belief that we are made by God to be the very things He opposes in His Word, and to bring forth visuals in her music videos that I can only compare to soft porn. I do not expect her to carry on godly attributes because she is not a believer. However, I am disturbed that the population has so readily accepted her. Due to my upset, I can’t come to grips with watching her for entertainment purposes. I may study her on occasions, but that is where I will draw the line with Lady Gaga.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dean Z.

    I didn’t watch the special, and for the very reason you discussed: her persona is so off-putting that I assumed there was nothing there for me. Did I miss out? Perhaps, but it would still be hard to separate the talent from the ‘in-your-face’ presentation. I submit that her fan base would be larger and have a broader spectrum if she toned it down. Is it wrong to judge a book by its cover? Maybe, but we still do, and that’s why cover art is crucial in selling a book.

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