Doing Life Together

I watched A GaGa Thanksgiving last week. I am always curious about the influences that shape people to be who they are and wanted to hear her story–at least a slice of it.

It was a surprisingly entertaining special. Her roots as a jazz singer were clearly displayed. What an amazing talent! It appears she grew up with a strong sense of family and had great things to say about her grandparents and mom. The only hint at wounding was when she sang and talked about being bullied and unaccepted in school. So from a shrink perspective, she either hid her wounding well, or this larger than life persona is an act she feels she needs to be noticed.

So here is my question: Why does she have to be so provocative? Honestly, it overwhelms her talent.

My teen daughter’s response to this question – that is how people become famous. They believe they have to push the edge, take off their clothes and get down and dirty. Once they create a stir by pushing the envelope, they keep doing it to continue to gain more attention.

If this is true, it is really sad. Lady Gaga had me when she sat at a piano and did an acoustic set–just her, the piano and the music. A star can do that. In fact, I remember when Mariah Carey emerged on a stage and just stood there and sang–her talent was obvious. But now….

Are we so debase as a society that we can’t see and recognize talent without requiring women to take off their clothes and sell sex?

Lady GaGa, love your talent, your artistry and find all the weirdness and exploitative sexuality a detraction from your God given talent. So I guess I’ll have to wait for another special to enjoy her mastery again.

At least, I saw a glimpse of a real woman, with compassion, a love for family and real talent. Why these artists feel they have to invent themselves to something other than they are baffles me. It is like they dissociate from the vixen they portray to this other person. Usually they say, it is all an act. I say, the act overshadows the talent. But then, I’m not the one buying their music!

What do you think?


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