Doing Life Together

“Jeannie’s packin’ up, Jeannie;s leaving town…” I sang those lyrics in the musical Brigadoon my junior year of high school. Funny, I remembered the song today as I was helping my daughter pack up to leave for college. The mood was lighthearted like it was when I folded clothes on that musical stage. At the same time, it was a weird feeling watching my daughter empty out her closet and drawers. In Brigadoon, Jean was leaving to get married. My daughter is only going to college! And while I now have a guest room to offer visitors during the school year, loss is not an easy thing for me. I’ll probably cry all next week when we drop her off on campus and say goodbye.

The good news is that she won’t vanish for 100 years into some mystical mist. It’s only 10 weeks until Fall break.

But unlike Brigadoon, she won’t be untouched by the evils of this world! And the mom in me has to let go and trust all that her father and I have poured into her. She can handle it, I keep reassuring myself.

Anticipation is mixed with sadness. “Jennie’s packin up, Jeannie’s leaving town…” And like Mr. Lundie proclaims at the end of Brigadoon, “I told ye when ye love someone deeply enough, anythin’ is possible.” Thankfully, the story ends well!


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