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Think New York City is just the bright lights and busy streets? There are surprisingly many quiet spots you can find – if you just know where to look. Check out photos from my recent trip to Brooklyn’s biggest park, […]

Enjoy the beauty of India without ever having to get out of your chair! Here are several photos from my trip to India during the summer of 2009. Check Out More Photos: Funny Animals and Unexpected Friendship! Enjoy the Beauty […]

Tourists should visit India more often!! Here’s a quick list of reasons why I think India is a beautiful place: 1. The closeness within an Indian family. 2. The spicy food.   3. The respect for elders. 4. The beautiful saris and […]

I have arrived in Bolivia. It’s cold. I’m freezing. And it’s awesome to be here. Our first day marked an incredible tour of the World Vision sites in the Cochabamba area, which lies in the vast mountains of Bolivia. We […]