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In Kenya there is a refugee camp named Dadaab. Originially created for only 90,000 refugees, today it holds nearly 400,000 people who are just trying to survive. Life in a refugee camp is difficult to say the least, but there […]

Image wanting to take a shower. Or cook food. Or take a drink – and all you had was water that looked like this: This is a reality that many people in Kenya are dealing with on a regular basis. […]

Kenya lies in eastern Africa. Although the country might look small compared to the United States, it’s diversity can surprise even the biggest skeptic. Check out these two maps provided by to get a better understanding of this incredibly […]

Not only has my boyfriend Matt started an exciting new job as a Project Engineer at Inveneo, but he just left to be on assignment for two weeks in Kenya. The nonprofit Inveneo helps to establish internet connections in some […]