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I’ve traveled to Israel and have seen the Western Wall – or Wailing Wall – in person. It’s an extraordinary experience, and while I was there I had to separate from the men to the “Women Only” section. I was […]

Watch here for a deeper understanding of what Christianity, Islam, and Judaism teaches about abortion. The answers may surprise you. I am pro-life, and what are you? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section!    

Rabbi Irwin Kula, co-president of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, explains the meaning and significance of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. In preparation for this week-long Festival of Tabernacles, sukkahs, which are temporary shelters topped with branches and […]

Hate crimes are not just a thing of the past. They happen in today’s world – we are not immune to it. I find this video inspiring because it shows how people have come together to help a Rabbi and […]