Discoveries of a Wanderer

Discoveries of a Wanderer

There Are a Lot of Cute Things in Bolivia

posted by Jana Melpolder

Puppies. Babies. You name it – Bolivia’s got it.

All photos courtesy of Amy Conner with World Vision.

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One Bolivian Mother’s Prayer Request

posted by Jana Melpolder

Moses and His Mother

We were lucky to meet Moses, a little boy that will receive massive chest surgery on Tuesday, August 9th. Moses’ mother asked the World Vision bloggers to pray for her son – join us in the prayer we said for her.

This surgery is sponsored by programs like World Vision child sponsorship.

All photos ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

A Time of Prayer


Dear Gracious and Beloved Heavenly Father,

Lord, I just lift up Moses to you

I pray when he goes into surgery, Lord that you take care of every detail;

That [his mother] would know that You are with her;

Please bring peace to his mother’s heart.

A World Vision Staff Member Holding Moses

You are with every breath of her child.

I pray that Moses would come through healthy and whole;

And that he would live a life full of abundance and peace.

We thank you for this, [in Jesus’ name],


So, I Met the ‘It’ Girls of Bolivia

posted by Jana Melpolder

They’re beautiful. They inspire us. Who are they?


Celestine – Meet a woman who is a fierce example of what the love of a mother can do. When Celestine’s son was young, he wasn’t able to walk and play like a healthy little boy. Her community wasn’t exactly helpful either. Celestine remembers, “People used to come and tell me I drank something and that’s why the child is like this.” But instead of feeling helpless, she carried him everywhere she went, even when she went out into the fields to work. Celestine’s son was finally able to receive surgery at the age of five through World Vision support, and now this happy little boy runs and plays. She is very thankful to God. Celestine’s determination to never give up on her child inspired her community and will continue to inspire others around the world.



Silvana – One woman that brought a smile to my face was Silvana. Silvana works as a World Vision child sponsorship coordinator in Colomi, which is located close to the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. She had the kind of smile that can light up a room and brighten someone’s day. Although Silvana might see gloomy conditions that some communities live in (such as children that live in an abusive household), she never would let go of her joy. Her glowing personality really uplifted my day, and it was a pleasure to get to know her.


Victoria with Her Class

Victoria – Victoria was once a sponsored World Vision child, but now the 20-year-old woman shows what it means to give back to others. Victoria is still in school herself, but she spends three days each week being a preschool teacher. It was a surprise to discover how much time this busy woman devotes to the children! We were lucky enough to visit her preschool class. As we watched her teach we could tell that she is patient and wonderful at her job. The little ones adore her, and I know that she will continue to make such a positive different in the lives of these children.


Aide with Her Mother and Children

Aide – Those who weren’t born with a green thumb (like me!) can learn a lot from this avid farmer and mother, Aide. On her small plot of land this woman has been able to revolutionize the way she feeds her family. World Vision programs, like nutrition-based programs, help parents know which healthy foods will be best for their children. Before the nutrition program, Aide was feeding her children toasted corn and didn’t have a large variety of foods available. But now with her land, garden, and livestock, three generations of this family live on fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, and more. They grow enough beans and carrots to take to the market (which gives them an income). Aide will use that money to buy milk, and they will make cheese in the process. Now it’s easy to see the benefits of this new healthy, diverse diet by watching her kids: her daughter Gabriela was recently the top student in her first grade class. Three cheers for Aide and her hard work to feed her family! With hope, Aide can inspire others to keep nutritious food an important priority.


Arminda - the Same Girl on Our Sponsorship Banners!

Arminda – You’d never guess Arminda had a difficult past when you saw how much she smiled. This 6 year-old was left to fend for herself on the streets as a very young child. Soon Elena, a woman who lived nearby, found Arminda on the streets and immediately took Arminda home. Arminda was cleaned up and given food to eat. Elena loved this little girl and she said to us that, “the girl was suffering too much” and that she, “wanted to protect her.” Elena and her husband officially adopted her (even when they had four children of their own). Arminda now giggles and her bubbly personality is infectious. This little girl doesn’t allow her past to affect her present life. I left meeting Arminda with a big smile on my own face.

Check out the story of Arminda’s mother and other inspiring woman on my friend Rachel Held Evans’ blog “Six Bolivian Women of Valor.”

All photos copyright Amy Conner with World Vision.

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The Domino Effect of Sustainable Development

posted by Jana Melpolder

There's a lot of love in Bolivia

Bolivia can give a new meaning to the word community. The family structure is very important – and the bonds that people have together can be inspiring to lonely hearts everywhere.

Luckily, a whole community can benefit from even one World Vision program that comes from child sponsorship.

How does sponsoring one child affect the whole community?

Child sponsorship pays for programs like feeding centers that provide needy families with healthy food. When a child has enough healthy food to eat, he or she can concentrate and retain more when they are in school.

Consequently, children will stay in school longer and receive a better education. And often with a good education, an individual can get a well-paying job. In time, money can be reinvested into the community.

By providing nutritious food to children today, communities will have better economic opportunities tomorrow.

What does this look like in real life?

Victoria with her kids

Victoria is not your typical 20 year-old. She is not only in high school, but she spends three days each week working as a preschool teacher. Victoria was sponsored as a child through World Vision, and this helped her have enough to eat and an education.

Now she’s the one giving back! We had the privilege of watching this young teacher at work, and I can tell you that she is wonderful as she works with her preschool kids.

When you sponsor a child, you are not only giving to the child, but you are giving to many individuals. A gift to one child can be a blessing to an entire community.

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