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What would you give up so that others could have life-giving water and food? Right now over 12 million in the Horn of Africa are in danger of dying simply because there isn’t enough food to go around. Around 30,000 children have already died because of the crisis.

But you can make a difference. Donate just $10 by texting the word “FAMINE” to “20222” and partner with World Vision in fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa.

World Vision has been working in communities in east Africa for 30 years. Even now, World Vision teams in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are working with community leaders to fight this crisis. They are responding with food, water, blankets and other critical needs for families. Join the team and help those in need.

Just $10 – the cost of one little thing in our own lives. What one thing will you give up?

Check out this prayer from Beliefnet’s prayer library:

God of heaven and earth, God who carries our lives and the lives of our whole community in your hands, be with us in the peril of this day/night. Help us to release our anxieties and fears into those same caring hands, knowing in faith that your will for us is life and everlasting good. Send your holy angels to watch over us and guard us. May they spread their holy wings to give us shelter against the storm. For you alone, O God, are all good, all life, all love, and that love is for us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Video created by Jamie Flora

Sponsor in Bolivia

Slavery is not only a thing of the past that we read about in school. It’s something that happens every day. It’s something that’s as modern as Twitter and Smartphones. It’s something that’s a harsh reality for many men, women, and children around the world.

And it’s also something that you and I can fight against.

Learning about a social problem can be one of the first important steps to take to make a difference. Learn all you can about what modern slavery looks like. Check out quick blurbs on human trafficking that happens in Vietnam or why children are used for sport near the Middle East.

Be part of the solution and get involved

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