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What’s life like for one man, his three wives, and their 24 children? I recently interview Jim Darger and his wives Alina, Vicki, and Valerie to find out! Check out a short video where they take us through daily life for their family, and share your thoughts on the polygamous lifestyle.

“Ease destroys bravery, trouble…creates strength.” – Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed


A Village in Western India

Village life is more complex than what merely meets the eye. At first glance, there’s a small community of people that have spent their entire lives together in close-knit relationships. But look deeper, and you’ll see an amazing array of stories, families, and values that would take an outsider years to unravel and understand.

I traveled to India for school in 2009 to understand what life was like in Southern Asia. While I traveled to several villages, I still saw diversity among the villagers: A happy elderly man who looked a lot like Gandhi. Children unable to hold back their laughter while they played. A young woman who was excited at the opportunity to learn to read.

But I also went to two homes in one village where sick children were lying on the floor. Not on a bed, but just on a blanket on the floor. The doctors spoke to the mothers who were gripped with sadness. The reality of a sick child can sometimes be too much grief for parents to bear.

It’s too much of a whirlwind, the happiness and sadness of a small and tightly-knit community. I wanted to spend more time understanding and putting together pieces of the puzzle.  There’s nothing “simple” about village life. It’s complex and has layers/stories of hope, fear, and love.

Village life, just like any city, reflects the diversity of the human experience.

Enjoy the beauty of India without ever having to get out of your chair! Here are several photos from my trip to India during the summer of 2009.

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