Discoveries of a Wanderer

Gerritsen Beach, a tight-knit community in South Brooklyn that is nearly surrounded by water on all sides, was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Because Gerritsen was not deemed an evacuation zone by the city, many residents stayed in the neighborhood during the storm, and several report being rescued by neighbors from the upper floors of their homes. In the aftermath, Gerritsen Beach residents have turned to two institutions that are mainstays of the community for help — Resurrection Church and the volunteer fire department. Odyssey Networks spent a day in the community as residents, with the help of volunteers, started the cleanup process. “Gerritsen Beach is forgotten, it’s never been on the map,” said Ellen Dailey, a resident whose home was flooded. “We’re always the last to have response to clean up. Not this time.”

If you’d like to volunteer, or donate items to Gerritsen Beach, contact the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department at (718) 332-9292.

Reprinted with permission from Odyssey Networks

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