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The Bible is full of stories that capture what fathers were like in Biblical times. Check out the ones I’ve selected below and see what modern fathers can learn from the stories.

God the Father

Christian beliefs teach that God the Father is a loving God that provides all things that His children need. God the Father is part of the Trinity along with the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Son. Christians look to God for their daily bread, forgiveness, healing, and spiritual guidance. In addition, Christians are to have a childlike faith – they are to trust in God for all things. Men and fathers of any age can learn about forgiving one’s children from understanding how God loves His children.


Once Adam and Eve were taken out of the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit, they eventually had children. Adam was the first human father and the first to deal with sibling rivalry among his children. He had two sons, Cain and Abel, and eventually Cain killed Abel.  Fathers today can learn from Adam’s story, that obeying God is truly important.


Abraham was important and is thought to be a great leader in Judaism and Christianity. Abraham’s story helps all fathers know that often people do not easily know the plan God has for them, but that plan can be bigger than what we ourselves can dream up.


Jacob is known as the Father of the 12 Tribes of Israel. He has 12 sons, but only one was his favorite – Joseph. His other sons were jealous of Jacob’s love towards Joseph, and they eventually sent him to Egypt. Years later the brothers were reunited and Joseph helped his family. Jacob’s story of having many sons is important for both Jewish and Christian histories, and generations of fathers have been passing it down for centuries.

Joseph, Mary’s Betrothed

Jesus was born to both Mary and Joseph, and grew up with Joseph being an earthly father figure. When Mary was pregnant with Jesus, Joseph took special care of her and protected her from harm throughout their journey towards Bethlehem. Joseph loved with an unselfish attitude, and fathers today can learn from Joseph’s example of a gentle and protective love.

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