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The Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI, declared that the government needs to pay more attention to the national education system. He made his announcement on the 59th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People. The day commemorates the return of King Mohammed V from Madagascar after forced exile by the French. Schools and businesses all over the country are closed for the holiday.

The King urged the nation not only to focus on the development of the national school system, but also to improve private educational options. He hopes these changes will grow critical thinking skills among students that extend far beyond the ordinary memorization of information. Morocco sees its future as an information-based society, one in which knowledge is a key driving economic force.

The king’s speech introduced new ways for children to be taught. He said, “To go from a system centered on the teacher and his or her performance – in which knowledge is simply transmitted to learners – to another method which promotes learner interaction, enables students to develop their abilities, and gives them opportunities to show their creativity and innovative thinking”.

The king has also urged the Higher Council for Education, Training, and Scientific Research to join him in modifying the constitution in order to produce lasting education reform.

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