Discoveries of a Wanderer

Not only has my boyfriend Matt started an exciting new job as a Project Engineer at Inveneo, but he just left to be on assignment for two weeks in Kenya. The nonprofit Inveneo helps to establish internet connections in some of the most remote areas of the world. It’s easy to forget that not only do people lack basic clean water and food, but they can also lack access to information that can easily save lives. (For example, Inveneo works to help those in the developing world have internet access, which in time will give them information regarding HIV/AIDS and other health concerns.) With information technology, people everywhere can connect and take part in the competitive global market.

I’m proud that Matt is a part of this. For the next two weeks, I’ll explore life in Kenya and what’s really happening in this incredible country. It makes me feel more connected to him and what he’s doing, and I think it will be good to focus on one area for a period of time.

Watch the CNN report on what Inveneo does here:

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