Discoveries of a Wanderer

My best friend Jenn and I recently spent the day in Boston for the first time. If you haven’t had a road trip with a best friend lately, don’t wait any longer! Here’s a few pointers I came up with when going to an exciting new place:

1. Eat a local restaurant – no chain restaurants allowed. Personally I enjoy getting something on the menu that I have no idea what it is. This has left me with some good experiences and some pretty bad ones. Usually I find it to be worthwhile!

2. Don’t make any set plans. Wandering around the city is encouraged – especially with a person you can laugh the whole day with.

3. Buy something adorable as a souvenir. Jenn bought a very chic 20’s style hat that looks great on her. It’s always recommended to get something you can’t find other places. A bottle of local wine as a gift for others is one idea!

4. Take (lots of) ridiculously funny photos to mark the occasion.

5. Do something historical; your Mother would approve, and at the end of the day, you can say that you did something educational. If you’re visiting Boston, I highly recommend going to see the Paul Revere house and the New England Holocaust Memorial.

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