Discoveries of a Wanderer

This week has been incredibly cold in New York City. You walk around and the chill just gets to you. As soon as I could, I dressed in several layers to keep warm before I hit the streets of the Big Apple. I didn’t have many winter clothes when I moved to New York, but I have several pairs of leggings that I wore in the summer that now fit perfectly as an extra layer. (One pair is even spanx, but I promise I only bought them because I liked the color). Before I knew it, my summer clothes served as my winter clothes.

I’ve learned that God gives us what we need before we know it ourselves.

It’s other small moments that I’ve noticed this, too. Finding that extra jar of spaghetti sauce that I didn’t know I had. The extra money that’s in my pants pocket that I need to buy lunch. Sometimes it can even mean having the courage I need for something big.

God provides us with little things in our times of need. And they really add up to make a big difference.

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