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Besides the incredible women in our own lives such as our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends, there are many famous women that can draw us in by the inspirational things they do. Who made my list? Check back tomorrow to see the rest of my list!

Queen Rania of Jordan

This leading lady more than just sparkles as the wife of Jordan’s King Abdullah II; she shows what it truly means to serve her country. She is avidly passionate about education, women’s empowerment, cross cultural communication, and the welfare of children.

Some monarchs might shy away from modern technology but she welcomes it. Queen Rania keeps lively accounts with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with over 600,000 followers. Not only do these social media outlets connect her with people around the world but they also increase East-West dialogue and understanding. Not a bad way to bridge ancient traditions with modern ways of life.

First Lady Michelle Obama

The American First Lady gracefully encourages younger generations to be the best they can. With the support of her husband President Obama, Michelle Obama has created the Let’s Move! Campaign – a program designed to decrease childhood obesity.

No matter what an individual’s political views are, one can always admire how she works to better the lives of children everywhere.

Maya Angelou

Writing poetry and novels is only a few talents that this public leader has. She has been involved in working for civil rights for several decades. Her talents are known worldwide, partially due to her living abroad experiences in Egypt and Ghana. She continues to inspire generations with her poems and autobiographical novels such as I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Maya Angelou is easily one of the most honored women of her generation, winning the Pulitzer Prize, three Grammys, and a Tony Award.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie may be a controversial figure at times, but there’s no arguing how much she works to help those in need around the world. She has served as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador (in accordance with The UN Refugee Agency) since 2001. As a Goodwill Ambassador she has travelled extensively around the world to places such as Iraq, Thailand and Kosovo. Through her efforts she not only has helped refugees worldwide, but she also brought the needs of refugees to international attention.

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Author Dr. Vandana Shiva has worked tirelessly to help farmers and environ- mentalists fight for environmentally friendly policies. She started her work in the 1970s with the Indian Chipko movement. Over time she authored many books that helped highlight the fact that many farmers are women instead of men. Her work in research and social movements eventually earned her many awards, including the United Nations’ Earth Day International Award in 1993.

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