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©2011 Abby Metty/World Vision

I’m not going to lie. I’ve never owned a car and I’m 27 years old. I’ve been a licensed driver for 10 years but never with my own set of wheels. Before you think, “that’s crazy or weird,” let me explain why.

First off, I want to save money. I’ve lived in different cities for a long time now and traveling on public buses is just secondhand. Second, pure it simple, it helps the environment.

But there are a few other reasons why I haven’t taken the plunge yet. They are perhaps a way I try to balance seeing intense poverty overseas and living in the USA. It’s hard to travel and see families that can barely afford to give their children enough food to eat at night. Or children that are literally begging for money on a busy road. How can I deal with these things and yet come back to a country where families easily have a car for every person that knows how to drive?

Not owning a car (yet) is a simple way that I can mentally handle it – although it’s a work-in progress. And I know that this is sounding hypocritical, because I often buy new clothes. I”m not trying to sound self-righteous; I’m just saying that I struggle.

Someday I will buy a car, and hopefully it will be soon because I’m tired of walking (or taking the bus). But among my frustrations I can just think to myself, “If others around the world have to walk just to have enough water for their families, then I can keep walking or riding the bus.”

By walking I can understand a little more of their reality. For now, that can help make it worthwhile.

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