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There's a lot of love in Bolivia

Bolivia can give a new meaning to the word community. The family structure is very important – and the bonds that people have together can be inspiring to lonely hearts everywhere.

Luckily, a whole community can benefit from even one World Vision program that comes from child sponsorship.

How does sponsoring one child affect the whole community?

Child sponsorship pays for programs like feeding centers that provide needy families with healthy food. When a child has enough healthy food to eat, he or she can concentrate and retain more when they are in school.

Consequently, children will stay in school longer and receive a better education. And often with a good education, an individual can get a well-paying job. In time, money can be reinvested into the community.

By providing nutritious food to children today, communities will have better economic opportunities tomorrow.

What does this look like in real life?

Victoria with her kids

Victoria is not your typical 20 year-old. She is not only in high school, but she spends three days each week working as a preschool teacher. Victoria was sponsored as a child through World Vision, and this helped her have enough to eat and an education.

Now she’s the one giving back! We had the privilege of watching this young teacher at work, and I can tell you that she is wonderful as she works with her preschool kids.

When you sponsor a child, you are not only giving to the child, but you are giving to many individuals. A gift to one child can be a blessing to an entire community.

Sponsor in Bolivia

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