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Moses and His Mother

We were lucky to meet Moses, a little boy that will receive massive chest surgery on Tuesday, August 9th. Moses’ mother asked the World Vision bloggers to pray for her son – join us in the prayer we said for her.

This surgery is sponsored by programs like World Vision child sponsorship.

All photos ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

A Time of Prayer


Dear Gracious and Beloved Heavenly Father,

Lord, I just lift up Moses to you

I pray when he goes into surgery, Lord that you take care of every detail;

That [his mother] would know that You are with her;

Please bring peace to his mother’s heart.

A World Vision Staff Member Holding Moses

You are with every breath of her child.

I pray that Moses would come through healthy and whole;

And that he would live a life full of abundance and peace.

We thank you for this, [in Jesus’ name],


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