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Let’s face it. We laugh when they laugh. We smile when they smile. Children remind us what it’s like to be happy with the simple things in life. Check out five inspiring ways that kids can help us to get back to the good ol’ days!

1. Children inspire us to laugh.


This little girl, named Arminda, has a smile that shows what a difference a positive attitude can make. In Bolivia, Arminda was abandoned and left on the streets when she was a little girl. Soon one woman, who already had multiple children at home, took Arminda and adopted her as her own. Now the little girl laughs and plays without any trace of bitterness from her past. She taught me to keep your chin up, and to laugh as much as you can.

2. Children inspire us to appreciate.

As we get older we should never lose our sense of appreciation. This little one lives in a community where people work extremely hard just to have enough food on the table. This child may not have many toys, but she appreciates the things she does have. Sometimes simplicity can be a key to being content!

 3. Children inspire us to speak up.


We forget that our voices deserve to be heard sometimes. That we can speak up and help others by the kind words we say. This young lady, named Lizeth, led a Bible study that I went to in Bolivia, and it was a fulfilling experience. She read scripture of how a tiny mustard seed can grow and become something of great strength. I think the mustard seed was an effective comparison to this girl; Lizeth is also growing and becoming a young woman of great strength. It was a terrific way to begin my journey in Bolivia!


4. Children inspire us to cry.

This little boy, Moses, recently received massive chest surgery. We visited his community where his mother was worried for his health and wanted us to pray for her son. At one point during our visit, he was upset and cried out. Immediately Moses was comforted by those who were close by, including the World Vision staff member that’s holding him in this picture. Moses never felt like crying out was something to be ashamed of, and we can all learn from his example.

 5. Children inspire us to trust and love.

In Bolivia, this little girl was full of love and trust for her guardian. She wasn’t frightened because she knew that she would be safely guarded. We can be inspired to love and trust in God with a childlike faith like this girl had, and to know that we will be protected from any harm that could come to us.

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