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reposted from an earlier article  by Terezia Farkas “Warning Signs Of a Suicide” Warning Signs of Suicide Any one of these are warning signs of suicide. Even if the person hasn’t seriously contemplated suicide, these symptoms may signal a cry for […]

Are you feeling suicidal? Do you have someone to turn to or talk with about your feelings? You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You can live past this unbearable moment you’re in. This week I’m focusing my articles on suicide. […]

Last week, we brought the fight to #StopSuicide to Good Morning America. They told us people “didn’t want suicide on the brain.” Please share this article by our VP of Research Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman to show the people at GMA […]

  No suicide attempt should be dismissed or treated lightly! The week of September 5-10 is National Suicide Prevention Week. Your religion, race, or gender doesn’t make you immune from suicide. It doesn’t matter what God you pray to because […]

It’s important for suicide attempt survivors to tell their stories. To be the witnesses of what utter despair feels like, what despair makes you do, and how to go past that awful moment when you want to end your life. […]

Please don’t judge me. It’s not that I want to die. I just want to be able to not lie awake all night, unable to sleep because the demons love the night-time. To not feel like I can’t breathe because […]

The Canal Pursuit for Mental Health is the endeavour of Canadian Clay Williams who lost several family members to suicide. The Canal Pursuit for mental health is a 750 km run by Clay Williams along the Trent Severn Canal from Port Severn to Trenton, across to Kingston, […]

Globally, each year the number of lives lost by suicide is more than the number of deaths from homicide and war combined. Every stat is a person. Here are some stunning global suicide rates. Every year, over 800,000 people die […]

Why don’t people who are suicidal seek help when in crisis? It’s a good question. One group of people who usually won’t ask for help are men. There are several reasons of course, but it all boils down to stigma. Stigma […]

Erin Farkas (no relation) is a smart, articulate young woman with a simple goal. She wants to help other young people who are fighting depression. In 2014, Erin posted a Youtube video talking about her struggles with anxiety, depression, self-harm […]