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When you find out that a loved one had attempted suicide, you may feel overwhelmed with questions. Why didn’t they come to me? What did I miss? And most perplexing, What do I do now? The Lifeline asked people to […]

For someone spinning out of control because of a mental health issue, the idea of commitment may need to be considered. But involuntary commitment is controversial. It takes away a person’s right. It can cause more harm. It doesn’t always […]

 Let’s talk about bullying and self harm on Bell Let’s Talk day. Whatever crap you’re facing, there are people who love you and want to help. Let’s Talk Day 2016 got me thinking about Erin Farkas (no relation). Erin is […]

Your friend just told you that he or she self-harms. How should you react? What should you say? What can you do if your friend hasn’t said anything but you think he/she might be self-injuring? Here’s 8 things you can […]

You’re a parent or guardian and just found out that your child self-injures. You’ll probably react with a mixture of anger, shock, guilt, worry, and anxiety. You might be convinced that your child is suicidal. Self-harm by itself isn’t suicidal […]

Warning: this article may contain emotional triggers. March is Self Injury Awareness month in the United States. Self injury, sometimes called self-harm, is any deliberate, non-suicidal behaviour that inflicts physical injury to your body. We often think of cutting when […]

Erin Farkas (no relation) is a smart, articulate young woman with a simple goal. She wants to help other young people who are fighting depression. In 2014, Erin posted a Youtube video talking about her struggles with anxiety, depression, self-harm […]