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  The loneliest number isn’t one. You can be all alone, and not be lonely. You can be a hermit and feel loved by the Universe and joyful for being alive. One of the most common misconceptions about loneliness is […]

What is Avoidant Personality Disorder? Avoidant personality disorder (AVPD) is a real and serious mood disorder. Most of AVPD is caused by trauma. Some of the key ways to tell if you have avoidant personality disorder is: continued feelings of inadequacy […]

What is it with men and sorry? I have a male family member who has a really tough time saying, “I’m sorry.” Oh sure, he might feel sorry for saying or doing something. But to hear him say the actual […]

Anger is a natural way to deal with a flight or fight situation. But sometimes a person explodes into a rage without any reason. This is Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). What is IED? Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an impulse-control disorder. […]

Depression talk is as important as breathing air Depression talk is necessary for healing the person and people around that person. It’s important for breaking stigma. Because if stigma continues, healing is forever put on the back burner. For too […]

  Anger is a big part of depression. Unfortunately, depression anger often gets overlooked. After all, when you’re usually listless or don’t care about anything, people might welcome anger as you actually showing something other than depression. Or, people might […]

If you have depression, you can add anger to your list of symptoms. Anger is a normal emotion to feel when you’re under stress or anxious. But the anger in depression is a more vague, self focused emotion. Your anger doesn’t […]

How to Forgive We all experience love in one form or another. We all experience hurt and pain. It’s part of the human condition. For some, resentments are difficult to release. The tighter the hold, the harder it may be to […]

When you find out that a loved one had attempted suicide, you may feel overwhelmed with questions. Why didn’t they come to me? What did I miss? And most perplexing, What do I do now? The Lifeline asked people to […]

Your aura and the psychic space around you need cleaning too. Just like anything else, it can get ‘dirty’, only it gets dirty from the energies of negative people. Usually we ignore this personal space. But it needs the occasional […]