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Getting old doesn’t mean you should be depressed. In my previous post Old and Depressed: The Not So Golden Years, I mentioned five causes of elderly depression. Sadly though, many old people suffer with depression. Grief, leaving home for a nursing […]

  Depressed Asian American seniors don’t want to speak out because of stigma and shame. Instead, they silently cope with depression and anxiety. Asian American women have the highest suicide rate of any racial group in America. Why not speak out about […]

  In my previous post Old and Depressed: The Not So Golden Years, I talked about the five main causes of elderly depression. Getting old doesn’t mean you have to be depressed. Old age doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of proper […]

Research shows that elderly depression is a common, widespread problem. Adults over age 60 are five times more likely to be depressed or suicidal than younger people. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women. Depression isn’t a normal […]