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  Did Jesus fight depression? After all, knowing he was going to die a horrible death sometime in the future must have weighed heavily on Jesus. The human part of Jesus would have experienced fear, anxiety, and certainly some amount […]

The daily mantra is a way to bring positivity to your day. Daily mantras are a quick and free way to bring a bit of positive thought into your day. Some people like to say positive mantras first thing in […]

  I’ve been writing for years about negative people and negative family members. Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family. I’ve given advice on how to cleanse your area and aura of negativity from these people. Recently, I […]

God is Love He is the Light within me Always there.   God is Me He is the shadow walking Beside me. God is You Blessed and true friend standing Next to me. God is Love Spilled across the universe Agape. […]

  Trying to explain why you attempted suicide is one of the hardest things you may do. You can’t really explain your actions, except that you were in so much pain. So you endure the new onslaught of negativity. You were selfish. […]

  Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over, many suicide survivors are breathing a sigh of relief. That’s because holidays are a time when the loss of a loved one to suicide is painfully put in your face. Everyone […]

  Want to know how to start your day the right way? First, you need to know what the morning means to your brain. The morning really is the first event that your brain sees via your eyes and other […]

Why do we get depressed at Christmas? The answer is different for everyone. For Christians, one of their most holy holidays has been taken over by greedy corporations and politically correct fringe groups. For others, Christmas is a hectic time […]

Christmas depression is real and it hurts. Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time on earth. But for many, its the saddest, loneliest time. That’s because most of us have this fantasy of what a perfect Christmas should look […]

Did you know that a depressed dad affects his kid’s mental health the same way a depressed mom does? If dad is depressed, his child will suffer mentally just as much as if the mom was the depressed parent. This […]