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You don’t forget emotional abuse when you become an adult. You are more resilient than you know. You’ve endured emotional abuse as a kid, grown up and gotten out of the situation. You’ve developed safe guards, coping mechanisms, and are at a chameleon at hiding your real emotions. But through it all, your scared psyche hasn’t made you into an abusive person, or a violent criminal. In fact, one could look at you and say you seem as normal as anyone else.



Healing from an emotionally abusive childhood can be very difficult, but as Andrew Vachss says:

Adult survivors of emotional child abuse have only two life-choices: learn to self-reference or remain a victim. When your self-concept has been shredded, when you have been deeply injured and made to feel the injury was all your fault, when you look for approval to those who can not or will not provide it—you play the role assigned to you by your abusers.

It’s time to stop playing that role, time to write your own script. Victims of emotional abuse carry the cure in their own hearts and souls. Salvation means learning self-respect, earning the respect of others and making that respect the absolutely irreducible minimum requirement for all intimate relationships. For the emotionally abused child, healing does come down to “forgiveness”—forgiveness of yourself.

How you forgive yourself is as individual as you are. But knowing you deserve to be loved and respected and empowering yourself with a commitment to try is more than half the battle. Much more.

And it is never too soon—or too late—to start.


Many who are emotionally abused lack love or feel insecure. These people can become lonely adults who may never marry. Or, if they do marry, they try to find someone who will give them the love and mental security they never had as children.

Dealing with the scars of emotional abuse will never be easy. No matter what you think or believe, you are your own person. You dictate how your life will turn out. You choose the type of person you are or want to be. You get up from falling down, heal your scars, and move forward.

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