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Your crown chakra is important when it comes to depression. If your crown chakra is out of balance, depression is one of the side effects.

The crown chakra

The crown chakra connects you to higher levels of consciousness. It helps you to go beyond your busy mind and be one with the divine energy.

Physically, the brain is where the crown chakra is located. Many people think the pineal gland is the actual ‘third eye’ or passageway through which your mind connects with the divine. When you’re depressed, this third eye becomes hazy and may even be blocked by darkness which surrounds depression.

How can you use your third eye to fight depression? Meditation is one way to go.

The meditative state

Meditation is creating your own reality. Meditation can decrease stress, alleviate anxiety, and help manage the dark energies that come with depression.

There are different types of mediation. Hypnogogic meditation, or lucid dreaming, keeps a balance between the sleep and dream state while remaining conscious that you are in a meditative state.

First, go into a state of deep meditation. Stay aware that you are in a meditative state. The key is to reach a deep meditative state for at least 10 minutes before entering the hypnogogic or lucid dreaming state.

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