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How do you get to know yourself?

In my last post, Knowing and Understanding Yourself, I started you on the path with a few questions. You’ll notice that the base where we all start knowing ourselves isn’t material goods or things we own. Knowing yourself starts at human needs. Thought processes. Emotions. Personal traits. How you would want to experience life.

The closer you live life to what your core essence is, the happier you’ll be. The better your life experience will feel.

With that in mind, I’m going to pose a few more questions for you to think about. Write down your answers, leave them for a few days, then go back and see if you need to add anything.

Get to know yourself with these questions

1. What makes me happy? (helping others, friendships, etc)

2. Who do I really wish I’d be? (actor, astronaut, pilot, etc)

3. What relaxes me? (spa treatment, meditation, yoga, music, etc)

4. What do I hate? (arrogance, social injustice, etc)

5. What do I value most (freedom, health, wealth, popularity, status, etc)

6. What do I fear? (dying, loneliness, failure, having no purpose, etc.)

7. What do I like? (being taken care of when sick, positive support, etc)

8. What are my personality traits? (funny, street smart, self-centred, etc)

9. Who can’t I live without? (family, partner, friend, animal, etc)

10. What kind of life would I want? (laid back, socially active, reclusive, etc)

11. What do I love to do? (singing, walking, watching tv, etc)

12. What do I stand for? (loyalty, honesty, patience, integrity, etc.)

At the end of these two exercises, you should come out of it with a clearer understanding of who you are. That’s the real you, the one created by God and born into this world.


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