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Most people dream of a better life or that ultimate “dream life.” How do you achieve your dream life?

The first thing you need to do, to make it more real than the vague dream it was up till now, is to make whatever life you desire more specific. You should almost be able to feel, smell, taste and touch your new life. That’s how real it should be.

How to make my dream life real

You’re not going to do it with the help of virtual reality tools, but through a normal visualization exercise. The more detailed your vision is during the exercise, the more realistic your expectations will be.

The main reason why so many dreams of that perfect carefree life aren’t achieved has to do with not being able to connect the dots. On the one hand you have the dream of your ideal life. On the other hand is the life you currently live. There seems to be this huge empty space between the two.

Why does that space, or difference, exist? It seems there are 3 things missing :

1) A dream in general is too vague.

You have to take all the elements contained in the dream and visualize them first, one by one, in as much detail as possible. You should ask yourself :

Where exactly would I live ?

What would the weather be like ?

How would my garden smell ?

What kind of clothes would I generally be wearing ?

Which floors would my house or villa have ?

How much and how would I interact with my family ?

How would I wake up, what would I do first ?

2) What, more than anything else, would make this my “dream life?”

I would feel free

I would live comfortably

I would not have to worry about money

I would have a thriving social life

I would have time for me

3) I need a roadmap to get from where I am now to where I need to be.

The roadmap should be broken down into easy implementable steps and executed in chronological order.

             What I need :   ………

(minus)            What I already have :  ……….

(equals)           What I need to get  : ……….

Examples :

I’ll need recurring income to live / spend

I’ll need as less responsibilities as possible to be free

I’ll need my family or partner next to me to share everything with to feel happy

I need passive income to pay the bills and to afford my lifestyle

I’ll need a certain amount of capital to build my dream life

For now it’s only important that you know WHAT you’ll need, so that you can visualize having it. How comes in the next post.

To make your dream life real, you need to visualize one regular day in your dream life, from waking up till going to bed, and you will instantly experience it in a totally different way … as something more real. Your dream life will become something obtainable instead of something unreachable and undefined far far away.

Thanks to Robert M. Anthony for the post.

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