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In my last post “Don’t Beat Yourself Over Regret” I emphasized how regret can leave you stuck in your past. Regrets are lessons learned, but wishing you could change your past is futile. The past can’t be changed but its effects can be.  The way forward is not to hold in the negative energy of regret, but to release it. Open your heart and let go of the past’s pain and regret.

Open Your Heart

by Sophia Yasmeen

Whatever is in the heart will influence the thoughts that arise in the mind and then that will direct the mind in making its decisions.

Whatever is in our hearts is reflected in our thinking and then manifests in our words and actions.

Take a moment and open your heart and see what is really going on. If it is holding on to too many painful experiences…then there is an opportunity to release yourself from that pain by identifying and realizing it. We can free ourselves from so many other potential traps that heart can generate.

Heart is the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth in each of us.


*special thanks to Sophia Yasmeen for her beautiful words.

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