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Archangel Michael is one of the most revered angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture. Archangel Michael is the warrior angel, protecting God’s children from evil and aiding them in times of distress. Michael is the guardian angel to pray to when seeking protection from spiritual and physical harm. A host of angels are at his command, ready to jump into action to help you.

There are several prayers to Archangel Michael that ask for his protection and for courage. I’ve used this particular prayer to Archangel Michael to ask for courage while battling depression.

Say the prayer to Archangel Michael slowly and thoughtfully. Take your time. Allow the words to sink in. It can take time before the words have meaning for you. If you persist though, the prayer to Archangel Michael can be a powerful tool in fighting negative thoughts and battling depression.

Prayer To Archangel Michael

All that I can be

Allow me to be

All that I can do for You

Set in motion in me

All that I am is You

Manifest through me

Allow me to be Your Gift

As I accept Your Gift into my Life

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