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Haters will hate no matter what logic you present. Negative people will always exist. Opinions, biases, and  prejudices are hard emotional constructs to break. Everyone has to deal with haters. Maybe you have a nasty internet troll, a hateful neighbour, or a critic who loves to put you down. No matter what form hate takes, it’s always tough to deal with.

Hiding Behind The Screen

A person whose heart if filled with hate has very little room for love. You can try to change the person’s attitude by being positive around him/her, but it takes a lot of effort and the gains made are often too little.

Anonymity is believed to be a major factor in a hater’s actions because it lets the hater avoid physical confrontation with the victim. You don’t need as much courage if all your negative comments come from behind a computer screen within the safety of your house. Being able to comment on public forums, haters offend people who they don’t even know. It’s an easy way to bully and be abusive.

Social media is a fast and easy way for hate to spread. Just when you thought you got away from the bully at school, someone new is tormenting you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Instead of feeling like a victim, spin the negative energy around to motivate yourself.

Haters Will Hate

You need to realize that haters will always exist. When one hater leaves, there’s another one ready to take that place.

So what can you do? One idea is to ignore a hater. “Haters will hate” is a popular catchphrase that says “just ignore those negative comments.” It’s a way of letting the negative person know you’re totally and completely disregarding his/her negative comment towards you. It’s also a quick way to shake off any hostile comments from your aura.

A second idea is to redirect the anger you’re feeling into doing something constructive. Finish that project you’ve been putting off, sign up for a class, do some sports – anything that is beneficial to you. Don’t hurt the person. Make yourself happy instead.

Be Strong and Confident

When you’re criticized, its natural to feel like a looser or start thinking there’s something wrong with you. Take that energy and reverse it. Look at yourself and see the strong, confident, vibrant person you really are. People get jealous all the time. Saying something bad about you doesn’t mean its true. So make sure you know the real you.

No matter what you accomplish or how well you do or how wonderful you are, people will always have something to say about you. It will be both positive and negative. Your mission is to keep the positive comments and throw away the negative ones. Worry about your own happiness and stay true to yourself!

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haters-gonna-hate | depression help | author | terezia farkas | beliefnet

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