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Myths about depression create needless pain and confusion.

Myths about depression can keep people from asking for help or getting proper treatment.  You start blaming yourself as if it’s somehow your fault you’re depressed. Fear about being locked up or put away can be real depending on the life circumstances of the person. But not everyone who is depressed gets locked up. Being depressed doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It’s a physical condition, only the condition is about the chemical imbalance in your brain. And that can be effectively treated.

You Are Strong

There’s a lot of inner strength a person needs when it comes to dealing with depression. It takes emotional and mental strength to battle depression every single moment. It’s very easy to say “I give up” and let the darkness swallow you whole. It’s not easy or fun sliding into hell. You need a totally different kind of strength in that darkness. It’s takes courage and strength to reject the lies of the darkness and not kill yourself. It takes a whole lot of strength to stand at the precipice of death and choose to stay alive. You have strength when you claw your way out of that darkness back into the light. Never let anyone say you’re not strong if you’re depressed. They don’t understand the courage and strength it takes to fight depression.

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