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Infinite Gratitude

Give gratitude daily for all things living and non-living.

How often are you grateful for all things living and non-living in your life? In today’s fast-paced, 3 second attention span society, gratitude often is at the bottom of the list. Sure there are moments in life when you realize how blessed you really are. But do you truly appreciate your life on a day-to-day basis?

Gratitude is a key part of happiness. By counting your blessings every day, you might become a happier person. Research worldwide has proven this idea. Being thankful applies to both good and bad life situations. Each experience teaches you something, helping you move forward in your spiritual and emotional journey. Expressing gratitude is important for a healthy mind.

We all have amazing things in our lives that make us smile and bring joy to our hearts.

Once a week take some quiet you time to express gratitude. Start with yourself, thinking about all the good things that make you who you are. Move outward to other family members, friends, co-workers. Don’t forget to add in the people who annoy you, dislike you, or have wronged you. Annoying or sweet, all of these people have added something to your life, teaching you lessons and helping you get to the next higher level of spiritual being. 

When was the last time you were truly grateful?

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