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Is depression punishment from God?

Christians believe that God loves us and wants only what is good for us. One of my previous articles explained how depression isn’t a sin. Depression isn’t a punishment from God. If anything, depression is you punishing yourself relentlessly. Whatever hell you feel you are in is your own creation. What God brings to depression is hope and love.

When you ask God to help you and give you hope, it’s all part of healing. Asking God to take away the sin of depression won’t work because God knows depression isn’t a sin. Nor is depression some form of demonic possession. Laying on of hands and asking God to make the demon leave won’t work because God knows depression there’s no demon.

An article from the Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) gives a nice answer.

“Many churches already have taken broad steps toward helping members struggling with mental illnesses. Some churches have provided ideal locations for support group meetings. Others have found ways to normalize the problem,” said Del Donaldson, a therapist and seminary professor. And most work to dispel any thought that a mental illness is a punishment for those of lesser faith.

“Is this a punishment from God? Maybe some churches believe that,” Donaldson said. “But I think folks are better informed and tuned in to the human dilemma.”

People today have a considerable knowledge about mental illness, one that was not available in biblical times, Donaldson says.

Joyce Kaatz, parish nurse at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, puts it bluntly.

“If you have pastors or churches or staff who tell you you’re not strong enough in your faith, you might want to find another church,” she said.

“The people who say that, they don’t understand depression or mental illness.”

Is depression punishment from God?

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