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Dealing with depression can mean you’ll loose friends. Maybe its already happened to you. Maybe it hasn’t and you’re thinking, “That won’t happen to me. My friends and family love me too much.” It’s a sad reality that friends and family will stop talking to you or visiting you. Loosing family and friends while dealing with depression isn’t a punishment from God. God isn’t angry with you and adding more misery to your life.

Depression has lots of stigma. Stigma can make people think you’re crazy or that something is broken inside you. They might think you’re weak. If they were in your place, they’d be able to handle whatever situation or issue made you depressed. They might say they could see it coming. You were acting odd, weird or strange. You should have been able to notice depression coming on, but you let it take you to where you are now. Your fault you’re depressed.

People aren’t mean or cruel by nature. Most people want to help each other. Your family and friends are giving their best effort at helping you. Depression just won’t let any of that love or hope into your heart. You continue to be in pain. There’s nothing that anyone says or does that lessens the pain. You can’t explain or describe what’s wrong, how the darkness makes you feel, or why you can’t find the way out. When someone stops talking to you or visiting you, it’s added to your list of what’s wrong with me.

What’s a person who isn’t depressed supposed to do? Try to be there for the depressed person. Try to understand and not judge. Talk to the person. Become educated about depression. Recognize that it’s not a punishment from God or a sin.

That’s all great, but everyone has their limits. Family and friends have their own lives filled with emotional and mental health issues. It wears down even the strongest person when you’re trying to help someone and nothing changes. Nothing good ever seems to come out of your efforts. The person is still depressed. In fact, the person now is telling you things you don’t want to hear or talk about. You’re tired, your health is starting to get bad, and your mind is over stressed thinking about the depressed person and your own problems. It’s safer to leave because if you stick around you’ll either say something nasty or your health will suffer. Besides, nothing seems to help change the person’s outlook.

Dealing with depression is not easy for anyone involved. As the one depressed, don’t be angry or hurt when people stop talking to you. As you get better, the ones who abandoned you might return. If they don’t, you’ll have others in your life who will give you the emotional support you deserve.

Understand that even in your darkest moment your angels, guides and God are always there for you. God doesn’t judge you the same way as people. God understands and knows clearly your struggle with the darkness. There’s no judgement, shame, or anger. However deep depression takes you, whatever the outcome of your choices, you haven’t been abandoned by God or your angelic guides.

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