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You Could Be Depressed If You Constantly Check Your PhoneIf you’re always checking your phone for texts, you could be depressed and trying to improve how you feel.

That’s what scientists from Baylor University, Texas claim in a 2015 study. Their research, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, proves that a link exists between phone addiction and emotional instability. People who check their phones every other minute are more likely to be grouchy, depressed and emotionally unstable. These people also have trouble focusing and keeping their emotions in check.

“Much like a variety of substance addictions, cell phone addiction may be an attempt at mood repair. Incessant checking of emails, sending texts, tweeting, and surfing the web may act as pacifiers for the unstable individual distracting him or herself from the worries of the day and providing solace, albeit temporarily, from such concerns.” (Elite Daily, 2015)  

Your excessive cell phone use might be an attempt to shield yourself from stressors that are being place on you. Negative mood, depression, and anxiety might be lightened by browsing social media sites or messaging friends. However, your phone can easily become addictive when it becomes your main emotional relief. 

Fortunately, there’s help. An iOS app called Moment monitors phone usage to track how much you use your phone every day. If you use your cell too much, you can set daily limits and be notified when you exceed the limit. Moment also gives a reminder when you’ve reached 50% of your designated time limit.

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