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Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. It’s a day you’re encouraged to talk openly about depression and mental illness. It’s a chance to encourage those suffering from mental illness to speak out about their problems. It’s an opportunity to break stigma and educate ourselves about what mental illness really means.

Bell Let's Talk article by Terezia Farkas


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On January 28,

Let’s Talk

Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives for every:

  • Text message sent*
  • Mobile & long distance call made*
  • Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
  • Share of the Facebook image

Even if you live in the United States or elsewhere in the world, you can help raise money for mental health initiatives. Even better, you can add your voice to the millions of people who will be talking about mental health. So let’s start talking and let others know it’s okay to talk about depression!

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