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It’s official! We’ve entered a new age of evolution. Called the Anthropocene Epoch by scientists to reflect humanity’s deep impact on our planet, it is an age where we can no longer distinguish what is man-made from what is natural.

The word “Anthropocene” means “new human era.” The idea that humanity had entered a new human era was first suggested in 1873 by Italian geologist Antonio Stoppani. It was dismissed. But climate change and other types of earth modifications (levelling of mountains, building islands, etc) made scientists reconsider the idea. Now the Anthropocene Epoch is considered reality and the only thing left for scientists is to determine the exact date we entered the era.

“It is clear that, though we have differences about when it starts, it seems as a group that we were quite happy to say we are in the Anthropocene,” said Colin Waters, secretary for the working group and a geologist for the British Geological Society. (Huffington Post, Oct. 17, 2014)

We’ve changed the way our world looks and functions. We’ve terraformed our planet to suit our needs, created global warming through our continued use of antiquated transportation, and set up such technologies around the world that machines have in some cases begun to think. We’ve killed off entire species of animals and plants. We have modified our food sources – crops and animals – to be ‘better’ than what nature intended. We’ve manipulated and copyrighted our own genetic material to create healthier humans. We can even create designer babies who will have perfect physical and mental health, not withstanding environmental factors. There’s talk of eliminating mental disorders through DNA manipulation and also creating humans with increased intelligence.

Most of us aren’t surprised by the news we’re in a New Age of Mankind. Lightworkers have been spreading the message that we are in a new age for years now. Spirit guides like Kyron have claimed that mankind has been in a new age for decades and only now are some awakening to that knowledge. The Mayan calendar foretold of a new age of mankind whereupon the old world will end and a new one will begin. Even holy books such as the Bible foretell of a new age of mankind in which the Messiah will return and there will be a new world order.

So while science is catching up to what many religions and mystics already know to be true, we must also wonder where this new epoch is taking us. Our earth is so different now that it’s impossible to return to conditions our grandparents knew. Human evolution is also happening. What will a normal human look like a few decades from now? How much of our genetic material will be replaced by designer genes? Might this truly be a new age of enlightenment, evolution and the return of the Messiah? What do you think?

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