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This Halloween I will be lighting candles in memory of loved ones who’ve died. After my mother died and I was grieving, a friend recommended I light a virtual candle. I had been lighting candles in churches and at home but it was the first time I heard about the virtual Light A Candle site.

I discovered the process of lighting a virtual candle is respectful. You choose a candle much like in a church and enter either the initials of either you or your loved one. There are prompts that give you time to reflect and say a prayer. You are allowed to post a message for your loved one too. Then you solemnly light the virtual candle. The flame stays lit for up to a week. That’s as good as some long burning candles, minus the worry of leaving a flame unattended!

A virtual candle is cheaper than buying candles. It’s also a lot safer when you have toddlers in the house or an elderly parent. The downside is that you won’t experience any wonderful aromas or the flickering heat.

Lighting a candle is a sacred action. There is always an intention in mind. No matter the reason for lighting a candle – stress, prayer, meditation – the act connects you to the universe in a deeply personal way. Cultures have used candle lighting as a way to remember ancestors and pray to them for guidance and help. Some cultures visit graveyards on Halloween or All Souls Day to light candles on the graves of loved ones. Lighting a candle can calm you with its colour or aroma. Light penetrates darkness, literally and spiritually.

I hope you consider lighting a virtual candle the next time you feel hopeless, afraid, or unsure about things.


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