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From Catholic News Service: Pope Benedict XVI welcomed U.S. President Barack Obama to the Vatican July 10, and the two discussed world issues addressed at the Group of Eight summit. As they met, Obama told the pope, “It’s a great […]

That might be how one could sum up what are seemingly two differing views of President Obama, one from the Vatican and the other from U.S. bishops: Ever since he took office, President Obama has been given a cold reception […]

With President Obama and Pope Benedict about to have their first face-to-face meeting tomorrow, commentators are weighing in on What It Will Mean. Here’s the WaPo’s (Catholic columnist) E.J. Dionne: Whether he is the beneficiary of providence or merely good […]

After many months of delay, Pope Benedict’s third encyclical arrives tomorrow. And at least one observer is asking: “Will anybody care?” In the days leading up to this week’s scheduled release of Pope Benedict XVI’s latest encyclical, there’s been a […]

Were you nervous?“Yes!”Did you pray last night?“Yes!”Your outfit is perfect.“My mother picked it out!”What is Pope Benedict XVI like?“Nice! Really nice!”Did the Pope say anything?“Yes!”What did he say?“God bless!”Did you say anything to him?“I said ‘God bless you.’ And ‘thank […]

“The speeches of the pope were of enormous importance to everybody, not only to us, but to everybody. What he contributed at Yad Vashem was a completely different approach which was an enrichment to the culture of memory, and it […]

Seems the pope has a new doctor, according to CNS: Pope Benedict XVI has chosen as his new personal physician a cardiologist with strong ties to the Vatican. Dr. Patrizio Polisca, a professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Rome’s Tor Vergata […]

…can be found at this terrific site. Schedules, comments, homilies, you name it. It’s an offshoot of this fan site, which is also a small treasure trove of Ratzingeriana. PHOTO: The Pope arrives to celebrate mass in Amman, Jordan, May […]

The pope met the press yesterday — again — chatting with reporters on the flight to Jordan and answering a few questions about the Middle East. At one point, he was asked about how the Church might contribute to the […]

Could one of the most famous all-male bastions at the Vatican be ready to welcome women into the ranks? Maybe: The Vatican’s Swiss Guards will swear in 32 new recruits Wednesday amid suggestions from their new commander that women might […]