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Grim numbers from Ohio point to a larger trend in the American Church: Almost two out of three Catholics in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky won’t go to church this weekend to celebrate Mass, an event they have been told […]

Hot on the heels of this piece about a devoutly religious NFL player, a reader sent me this item, from Sunday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, all about faith and football: Adoring fans carried star safety Troy Polamalu on their shoulders — passing […]

Funny, we didn’t see anything like this with the pope yesterday in Westminster Cathedral.  But a surprising moment at another Protestant church in the United Kingdom has inspired a new song: t was a Sunday morning that started off like […]

Some heartening news from across the pond: As Pope Benedict XVI begins his papal visit to the UK, Catholic congregations are reporting a rise in numbers in the Isle of Man. The increase is believed to coincide with both his […]

The Beeb has a charming profile of one Catholic family eagerly awaiting the pope’s visit this week — all of them, converts: “It will be just like going to Wembley to watch Bristol City play, with the flags flying, but […]

Here’s a story that sounds familiar, about a successful media professional who walked away from a high-profile career to work for the Church. From the Indianapolis Criterion: She has met backstage with Taylor Swift, talked with Garth Brooks, had her […]

Here’s some disturbing news about religious trends among teenagers — what you might call Teenage Mutant Ninja Christianity. From CNN: If you’re the parent of a Christian teenager, Kenda Creasy Dean has this warning: Your child is following a “mutant” […]

Well, who’d a thunk? Check out this video below, from the online edition of the Catholic Anchor in Anchorage.

From the Detroit Free Press comes this inspiring story about a hardy band of survivors — thousands of Vietnamese immigrants who settled in New Orleans, and have endured extraordinary trials with extraordinary faith: On the far eastern edge of New […]

A British observer has some sharp words about EMHCs at Catholic liturgies: What’s the point of all these assistants? The Catholic Church does allow for what it calls an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, in cases when the priest is […]