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It’s not every Sunday that a homily finds a connection between hockey and Jesus Christ. But a priest managed to do that last weekend: Father Paul Noble isn’t the only Blue Jackets fan to suggest that players from his favorite […]

Here’s an unusual idea, and it might make for an interesting exercise for a homiletics class. A group of journalists headed out to 10 different churches in Ireland last Sunday, to hear the homilies and write about what they heard. […]

The sage Msgr. Charles Pope has a few thoughts about what goes on (and doesn’t) up in the pulpit: When I talk with Catholics who have left the Church, the number one reason I get that they left was poor […]

I’ve never heard of someone making a public apology for something he said in a homily. Until now: The Gloucestershire Gay and Lesbian Community has accepted a Catholic deacon’s apology for preaching that “marriage is between Adam and Eve — […]

The Vatican has a suggestion: Homilies should be no longer than eight minutes — a listener’s average attention span, said the head of the synod office. Priests and deacons should also avoid reading straight from a text and instead work […]

At first blush, I thought this brief essay was a classic example of someone who had a deadline to meet, and nothing to say, and an editor breathing down his neck. But I’m thinking, no:  he actually has a good […]

I have a rare weekend off from preaching; they’re showing a video for the Bishop’s Annual Catholic Appeal at all the masses, so that will eat up the homily time. So I don’t have a homily to post today.  But […]

“As the custodian of the word, Mary will hold a special place in your life as deacons. We are told in the Gospels that she treasured all matters pertaining to Christ in her heart. It was only until after the […]

“I do not believe we are there just to entertain, and attempts for church services to be informal for their own sake end up being trite and embarrassing. I also doubt the value of priests or ministers being stand-up comics. […]

This fine essay on preaching should give anyone who climbs into the pulpit ample food for thought: I taught a class on preaching last week. As we began I said, “Good preaching begins with good listening.” I think of preachers, […]