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The always-interesting Fr. Z looks at a question from a reader about a priest who wanders around when he preaches: For centuries in the pre-Conciliar form of the Roman Rite the preacher is accompanied to the pulpit by the master […]

“Have upon your study table, always accessible, a good-sized substantially bound blank book. Whenever a germinant thought comes seize your pen and write it down. Such thoughts will come out of your special course of literary reading, out of your […]

And what started as a fad is becoming a trend, according to Reuters: Father Tom Eichenberger began a recent sermon by playing an iPhone ring tone of church bells into the microphone and talking about how praying is like using […]

That’s the question that is lurking in the back of Cathleen Falsani’s mind. She’s been asked to officiate at the wedding of two friends, and is mulling what to say. From the Huffington Post: In the Book of Common Prayer’s […]

How does a preacher prepare for the Sunday homily? A local paper in Oregon took up that question this weekend and asked preachers of various denominations — and got an interesting array of answers: Quaker pastor Stan Thornburg of North […]

A bit fat h/t to Mike “Googling God” Hayes, who is pointing readers to this very good chin-scratcher about what makes for good preaching in the Catholic Church. From the Pray Tell blog: In the midst of all the bustle […]

Though the advice in this piece is aimed primarily at Protestant preachers, some of the ideas have applications for the rest of us, too: In churches of any denomination, pastors serve and shepherd the people. Preaching is only one aspect […]

Yes! Can someone say “Amen!”? This just made me smile: a video of the newly installed bishop of Springfield concluding his homily with a song from one of the Backstreet Boys. Yes. Really. You can read about him here. But […]

“The Spirit who came as a great rushing wind and as tongues of fire on the first Pentecost will come more quietly but no less powerfully upon us today and upon the gifts we will place on this altar. If […]

Some provocative food for thought from Msgr. Charles Pope on the question of what the modern microphone has done to the art of preaching: I have discussed with brother priests before the concern I have at how too much microphone […]