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You probably remember this story from last month, about a woman seeking a Christian roommate. Now, an update: An American woman who placed an advert in her church for a Christian roommate has had a complaint against her dismissed. The […]

A soldier in Afghanistan offers some glimpses of military life today — and, to his dismay, there seems to be a distressing lack of faith: “There are no atheists in foxholes,” the cliché goes. It’s hard to imagine a soldier […]

It’s a dramatic move for the Communist island nation — and a sign, perhaps, that the country is turning a corner: With Cuban President Raúl Castro and several high-profile church leaders from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy and the Bahamas present, […]

Those were the desperate prayers of the Iraqis held hostage during mass on Sunday — a crisis that ended in a bloodbath: Around 5:20 p.m., as the Christian worshipers stood and recited “Upon this rock I will build my church,” […]

A dramatic standoff in an Iraqi Catholic church has come to a violent end. Details: At least seven Iraqi Christian worshipers and seven Iraqi security forces were killed Sunday night after commandos stormed a church in Baghdad where a band […]

Maybe, according to this report: Fifty years after the pill, another birth control revolution may be on the horizon: free contraception for women in the U.S., thanks to the new health care law. That could start a shift toward more […]

And Damien Thompson has some reasons: Is it a function of the scale of immigration from Muslim countries over the past decade? I’m sure that’s not the main factor. The answer, I suspect, lies in the findings of a poll […]

It’s happening in Switzerland: Roman Catholic parishes in the central Swiss city of Lucerne caused an uproar with an AIDS awareness campaign that involves giving teenagers condoms bearing the slogan “protect thy neighbor as thyself.” The parishes started handing out […]

The infamous Iraqi — and Chaldean Catholic — faces death by hanging, and the Vatican has urged that the sentence be changed: For the second time in two days, the Vatican on Wednesday opposed the death sentence handed down to […]

It’s been described as the biggest document release ever regarding clerical sexual abuse — but details in the Los Angeles Times don’t add that much to what we already know: After a three-year legal fight, documents were released Sunday detailing […]