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I’ve wondered about that for a while, and now this curious piece in the New York Times — in the Fashion section, believe it or not — confirms it (though Coulter, it seems, is, um, un-comfirmed…literally): Ms. Coulter was born […]

The bishops of New York state have just released a statement about the upcoming election. A snip: “We Catholics are called to look at politics as we are called to look at everything – through the lens of our faith. […]

Before the First Monday in October, there’s the First Sunday, and what has become a long-running tradition in the nation’s capital. From the Washington Post: On the eve of a Supreme Court session that will feature six Catholic justices for […]

President Obama continued his election season backyard tour, and paid a call on the Clubb family — who, whether by accident or design, just happen to be Catholic. From the Catholic News Service: President Barack Obama chose the backyard of […]

In a rare description of his personal faith, the president at a New Mexico gathering answered some questions about religion and abortion: An event billed as a discussion on the economy turned personal Tuesday when a woman asked President Barack […]

If you wonder why churches cannot endorse political candidates, Chuck Colson explains — and explains what some preachers may be doing about it this Sunday: In 1954, then-Senator Lyndon Johnson was in the middle of a particularly bruising re-election battle. […]

That seems to be the title Christine O’Donnell is going for (with a h/t to Seinfeld, of course).  Elizabeth Scalia takes note, and reminds us of what is taught in the catechism: Perpetual adolescents will demand that the masturbation quotes […]

The President paid a visit to the Episcopalians — and went up for communion: On Sunday, President Obama and the First Lady — along with daughters Malia and Sasha — attended 9 a.m. church services at Washington’s St. John’s Episcopal […]

“These days, it seems, Americans are religious about everything except religion; and it’s a sign of Catholicism’s widening acceptance and waning influence that, instead of being feared as a monolithic bloc that unquestioningly follows the dictates of its leaders, Catholics […]

That’s the final emphatic line of this new ad from It’s not nearly as effective as the ads they produced for the’08 election, and I find a lot of this frankly over-the-top. But it certainly makes its point. Take […]