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Legendary blogger and “Currents” contributor Rocco Palmo is used to covering the news.  But now he’s actually making some.    From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Rocco Palmo’s life has been infused with four major blessings — his large Italian family, […]

That’s what my assistant news director asked me when she saw me pull out a camera in the office so that I could have my picture taken with John Michael Talbot. She asked the question with the same arched eyebrow […]

The good folks at the National Catholic Register have done a story about my station NET: When the Brooklyn, N.Y., Diocese decided to launch a new faith-based cable TV channel to replace their Prayer Channel, they had no trouble with […]

I just love this story: a poignant and heartfelt look at one new Catholic’s journey to baptism at the Easter Vigil. Take a look. And welcome, Javier.

Last night on “Currents,” Fr. Thomas Brundage, who oversaw the case involving Fr. Lawrence Murphy, set out his own account of what happened. You can watch it here. I only wish we’d had more time to go into more depth […]

This just in, from the Brooklyn Desk …where the news release below just fluttered in over the transom. Some of you have undoubtedly seen Rocco here or here. Well, now you’ll be able to see, and hear, more of him.    […]

And who knows better about whispers than Rocco Palmo?  He stopped by the offices of “Currents” recently and was interviewed for a segment that we call “I WITNESS.” Among other things, he talked about why he does what he does. […]

Here in New York, we’re embarking on an ambitious pro-life Lenten campaign, “40 Days for Life,” spearheaded by the innovative group Expectant Mother Care. Not long ago, the group paid a visit to “Abortion Row,” in Queens, where you can […]

The popular but rarely-seen Rocco “Whispers in the Loggia” Palmo made an appearance recently on “Currents,” chatting with contributor and “Catholic Guy” Lino Rulli at a nearby pub. Over a couple brewskies, the two media mavens chatted about a wide […]

While football fans with spend Sunday absorbed in the Biggest Game of the Year (if they aren’t still digging out from that massive storm), fans of faith will be keeping an eye on a different kind of sports program: It’s […]