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It’s a little early for Christmas, but some people are indeed making lists — and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Bench has just landed on this one: the Top 50 Catholic Blogs. There are some familiar names, […]

That’s the proposal for blogging set forth by my diaconate brother in bloggery, Scott Dodge: Since no blogger is an island, there are other Catholic bloggers with whom I associate and with whom I even collaborate sometimes. I keep abreast […]

If anyone has forgotten, there are some broad guidelines that I posted several months back about blog comments. Please read them and follow them. The vitriol and lack of charity lately has become — to use a word — insidious. […]

The good people at the Religion News Service have discovered something a lot of us have known for a while: MCPF (My Close Personal Friend) Stephen Colbert is, indeed, a good Catholic boy: Colbert has said that he attends church, […]

That’s how British journalist Anna Arco describes the Catholic blogosphere, and she makes some excellent observations. A snip: This year, at a talk given at New Orleans, Archbishop Claudio Celli expressed his concerns about the challenges facing the Catholic blogosphere. […]

“The CNN culture is still very strange. You walk into that building, you think you’re the Jesuits and you’re protecting a certain legacy. They still look at Fox as a carnival–not Fox as a brilliant marketing entity. It’s weird. They’re […]

“My very dear brothers and sisters, whoever works in the media, if he does not wish to be “a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” (1 Corinthians 13:1) — as Saint Paul would say — must have well-rooted in himself […]

And now, a little news about Catholic news: this comes to us from the Vatican, via Zenit. A snip: What future does the Catholic press have at the height of a digital revolution that is bankrupting many newspapers? According to […]

Today marks the feast of St. Jerome— a prolific writer, scholar, and friend of lions (he reputedly helped one by removing a thorn from its paw). He’s also someone close to my own heart. In his youth, my father was […]

This news caused a stir last week, and I’m pleased to report that my show “Currents” (on Brooklyn’s Catholic cable channel NET) got the first broadcast interview with Archbishop Donald Wuerl, discussing his appointment to the committee helping to bring […]