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…and the busy travel season, comes this elegantly crafted ode to one of the ugliest places on earth, New York’s Pennsylvania Station: Don’t stop to contemplate, if you’re there — you’ll be trampled. This holiday season, the quicker you shove […]

The following e-mail landed in my in-box late this afternoon: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio regrets to inform you of the death of Deacon Charles A. Postler. Deacon Postler died on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at Calvary Hospital. He was the first […]

If you’re new to these parts and haven’t seen them, please take a moment to read the guidelines for comments. I don’t mind disagreement, or debate.  But please do it with respect and charity. Stay on topic, and be brief. […]

John Allen offers his two cents: In Dolan, the bishops have turned to their most gifted natural communicator, a leader with a demonstrated capacity to project a positive image for Catholicism in the public square. Rather than electing a behind-the-scenes […]

In my channel surfing last night, I couldn’t help but notice that both Nancy Cordes on CBS and Chuck Todd at NBC were proudly brandishing on the air America’s favorite new toy: the iPad.  This may well go down in […]

That’s the provocative opener to a terrific essay by my Assistant News Director, Shu-Fy Pongnon, who riffs on the subject at Patheos: “What if I told you Jesus was a Black man?” How I came to ask Marie this entirely […]

Okay. Time for a little rant.  I’ve been sifting through resumes and cover letters from job applicants. These are from people who are already working in journalism. They are, supposedly, professional communicators.  Most have been out of school for a […]

One of Katie’s favored media writers, Howard Kurtz, offers this tidbit: Katie Couric is feeling liberated. Not because she is nearing the end of her five-year contract as CBS anchor–although there’s an unexpected plot twist on that front–but because she’s […]

I love reading about mainstream journalists who are also unabashedly Catholic — and this reporter from the AP, who covered the Chilean mining accident and rescue, offers some insight into what sustained the men and their families: A reporter who […]

The Editor-in-Chief of Busted Halo, Bill McGarvey, has announced that he’s stepping down after six years at the helm: I am very proud of this site’s transformation into the vibrant multi-media platform that it is today. The discussion happening on […]